Late night wandering

I promise myself to write more on the blog. But the thing is, there are SO much that I want to write, but I can’t possibly have all of that link back to me!!! Shit, man. This ain’t going to be as therapeutic as I thought. I should just stick with journal and a pen.

Actually, that is not a half bad idea! 😉

I was going to wipe out the whole blog and start over since I saved the travel log from Thailand elsewhere. But you know what, screw it. Everyone makes mistakes. And once in a while you’ll have to remind yourself of the past so you won’t do it again.

Man I haven’t stayed up this late without any real purpose in a long time. But I happen to catch my friend Joy online. Joy’s back in Thailand, running family business, doing fabulously, and enjoying her married life. Her grandma died recently so I wouldn’t mind sacrificing some hours of sleep and some non productive, sleepy hours at work so I can keep her company. Lots of things to get off her chest, this one.

She’s about to give motherhood another try too. Last year, when she thought she was ready for a baby, it turned out she wasn’t. Once she started missing her period, she freaked out a bit. But it was a false alarm for everyone, and a wake up call for her to realize that she wasn’t ready for such responsibility yet.

I can’t imagine having a baby. Well, yeah I could. But not raising one. So much work. I don’t know if I have enough patience to handle a newborn and a husband all at the same time.

I’d rather prefer kittens 🙂

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