Long day on “Highway to Hell”

Another loooooooooong day today. There’s work (gag!) and then the side job. Brandon does the work of course, but I tagged along just in case he needed assistance as always. And of course, I also help with relieving the tension by just being there and socialize. šŸ™‚

Matthew, an aspiring filmmaker, 17-year-old son of Debbie, was editing his new movie while we were working on the machines. It is called “Desert Road”. And the opening track is his antagonist singing along to “Highway to Hell” while driving through the desert–Debbie has a cabin in the middle of nowhere Yucca Valley, and that was the location for the short. Anyhoo. So now I can’t get the frelling song out of my head!!!

Instead of going to bed, what do I do? I’m here blogging. Well, I paid the bills and now I’m blogging. Talking about getting my priorities all screwed up. Heh.

Did I mention that we are going to Thailand in November? We are totally committed. We already bought the tickets. I’m super stoked! Hopefully we’ll get Brandon to all sort of places…we might even have to ship him off to do things if he doesn’t want to be in town too much.

It’s many months from now. And I’m counting the seconds…

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