Last to know

Last night Lauren and I were watching her favorite “Nightmare Before Christmas” when the phone rang. It was Stephanie. The first question was, “Where are you??” According to Stephanie, she waited up half the night on Wednesday waiting for Lauren to come home.

Mind you, this was Saturday night, and she just called the find out where her 14-year-old daughter has been for the past couple of days.

There was a bit of miscommunication as well. Lauren told her brother Barrett that she was staying on until the weekend, but that message either never got to Steph or got lost in translation somewhere.

It was Saturday night, Brandon and I were the last to know about the disappearance of Lauren since Wednesday.

Actually, Lauren doesn’t even she was missing until her mom called here on Saturday. She didn’t know the message never got to mom.

Then again if your daughter didn’t come home on Wednesday night, wouldn’t you call her or the folks she was staying with that very night, or at least the next day?

A bit more salt to the injury, we were all the last to know that Lauren was expected at her paternal grandparents’ block party today. The plan was made but no one mentioned it to Lauren. Steph will just take her home from there.

Again, good times.

I love Stephanie. She’s great, and she makes mean chicken fried steak and all. But man, I just don’t know what to do with her about being a mom. Not that I would know more than she does. But hell, I wouldn’t wait 3 days if my daughter didn’t come home!

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