Work it

Brandon and I signed up with “Will Train U,” a personal training/small gym in Lakewood.  Pretty much because the whole “family” joins up.  Shane gets Serena working out, then his sister and her fiance, his mom, and many of his friends.  James and Aurora also signed up last week.  Yeah it’s a bit further out there for us, but for $40 a month of small gym where everyone knows your name ain’t bad.

Brandon will start training with a trainer next week.  His goals are to first lose the belly then gaining strengths and building muscles around what he has lost i.e. injured knee, broken wrist.  Just one month though.  We’ll throw him into intensive training for a month, and then he maintains the course afterward.  Can’t afford to have him go on this too long.

The gym also has a few classes in the evening which I will be taking.  Pilates and Tai Chi are my 2 choices.  The other two are kickboxing which I don’t want to do because of my bad ankle, and aerobics which terrifies me after I watched 3 old ladies working it today.  Oy!  It was just too boring.

Yes we will still be doing yoga on Mondays until the end of August.  We’re paid through then.

I so totally dig yoga.  I hope I like pilates as much.  Or else I’m just throwing my money away at the gym.  Hehe.  I do like using weight machine, but not as much as doing stretches.

I’m going to feel these tomorrow I can tell.

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