Working it

I like pilates.  Not as much as I like yoga, but it’s not too bad.  I went to one class yesterday, and it felt pretty good.  Low impact is so great.  I don’t come home feeling like my ankle is going to burst or walking around in discomfort the next day.  Well, a bit of sore muscles but that will eventually go away once I’m more in shape.

Brandon got a work out of a life time at his first session on Monday.  Guy, the owner, was his trainer, and they concentrated on arms.  When he got back, Brandon had to use his right arm to assist his left arm in taking a drink of water.  Yeah, that much of a work out.  Then again, Guy was trying to find his limits.  Well, I think we found that! 

His next session was on Wednesday at 7 with Guy, but he switched up an hour so he could work out while I was in pilates instead of sitting around for an hour.  The other trainer had him work on his arms some more. 

Remember when Wesley came back from the dead in The Princess Bride?  That was how Brandon was last night, flopping about trying to get onto and off the bed, and try to lay on his side without using his arms.  The next funniest things I’ve seen since his landing underneath his desk when he got out of bed buzzed.  (Long story.  Ask me later.)

Yeah, I dig the stretchy type of workout, and a bit of cardio. 

And I start to eat more veggies, more proteins and less carbs.  Not 100% low carb or Atkins, but trying to be more conscious.  For example, we went to Fuddrucker’s today and I got the low carb plate which is the burger meat and cheese, and a side salad.  But I did have a piece of lemon cake at work.  That type of thing. 

Hey, the nutritionist at the gym said now that we’re working out (and B’s trying lose the love handle), we should be eating MORE protein and less carbs.  He didn’t say NO carbs.  So there.

Me? No carbs?  Who the frell are you kidding???  I love sugar.  I love pasta.  I love bread.  And I sure as hell don’t like to be counting anything regarding my food whether its calories or carbs.  I’m going with the “more meat and veggies” diet.

So here’s what my regimen is going to look like:  Monday – Yoga (I would continue to go through park and rec for this one).  Wednesday – Pilates.  Friday – Tai Chi.  Cardio and perhaps some weights while I’m at the gym.  And go to gym whenever Brandon goes if the schedule works out.

Hope we stick with this.  Now that I have a blog, I can come back here in a couple of months to check if I’m right. 😉

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