Writing and Ranting

Again, I’ve changed the look of the pre-made template. Yeah, yeah. I’m fickle about the look of the page. At least now, in a haphazard sort of way, I managed to add other people’s links on the side bar and took out the silly profile.

Now if I can figure how to center my banner…

While I’m adding other people’s blogs, I popped in to visit theirs as well. And I’m thinking, what the frell am I doing blogging??? My life is so not interesting, and I never seem to have any poetic thoughts, geeky knowledge, or anything much to say??? Plus, no one ever reads this thing.

But hey, writing is good for my soul.

I love to write. I love to express myself with words although at time words would fail me completely–in either Thai or English. I love to write out things even though half the time it probably makes no logical or grammatical sense. Sort of like how I talk. But one thing about writing I haven’t found to be a problem so far is that I don’t have to face the immediate mockery when I use broken English.

That’s something that irks me a lot. I understand that I speak with an accent, botched pronunciation, and atrocious grammar at times. Some folks will make fun of me for that instant, and I will laugh at myself even. But then there are those who either keep correcting me or making fun of me for every single thing that I would say.

Brandon’s friends used to play with me that way and I was offended all the time. But now I know they’re playing, and they know when to stop teasing me. Others are either mean, rude, or assholes. Those are the folks that many many times I want to laugh along, and say with a big smile: Fuck you. Is that clear enough for you, mother fucker?

With writing, especially this blog, there is no such repercussion. A lot of articulate people can’t do the same with writing. Sure, you can point out all the errors on this page in my comments, but it’s not in my face. I don’t hear you laughing AT me.

Yeah I have self image issue. Then again, don’t we all?

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