Creature of Habit

I have some friends who have a Taco Tuesdays, D&D Wednesdays, or Poker Thursdays. And unless it’s something super special, they will not change their plans. And I remembered thinking why would anyone want to put their free time on a schedule like that? After all it’s your FREE time.

And now I’m one of those with a schedule.

Monday – Yoga
Tuesday – TV night starting at 7 p.m. We have satellite so showtimes are a bit odd. “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. Then Brandon watches “Rescue Me”, and then I wrapped up with second showing of “Nip/Tuck”, my new favorite!
Wednesday – Pilates and general work out.
Thursday – No schedule yet.
Friday – Tai Chi

Then again, life is on a schedule already. You wake up at a certain time then go to work at certain time. Lunch at noon. Get off work at so and so time. So on and so forth. It’s safer to have a schedule, to have structure. It feels better to go along with a pattern. We feel secure that way. That’s our logic.

Although not being on a schedule once in a while is nice. So that would make it a scheduled unscheduled free time.

**Tangent alert**

I just read “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”. It was in the voice of a 14 year-old autistic boy. He doesn’t like the color yellow. Food stuffs on his plate must not touch each other. He doesn’t like to be touched. All of that is HIS logic. Color yellow, mixed food, and touch make him feel unsafe. He has his patterns to follow just like all of us, but they weren’t the same pattern. Very interesting indeed.

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