Revolving Door

My former manager, my goddess and mistress, turned in her resignation today after a month of being reassigned from Executive Public Affairs Manager to do “business development” (read: sales), and exiled to work from home.

That makes the 3rd person to have left my company in a month, the 4th in 2 months, the 7th since January, and the 14th since I started working here in October 2002.

Reverse chronological order:

  • My Manager, quit today.
  • My boss’ Executive Assistant/Billing Clerk, quit last week.
  • Receptionist, quit mid July.
  • My boss’ other Executive Assistant (she was to take over the assisting part so the other lady can concentrate on billing), let go in June.
  • Account Executive, let go in March/April.
  • Account Executive, let go in February.
  • Writer, quit in February.
  • Writer, laid off in November 2003.
  • Part-time Receptionist, let go.
  • Billing Clerk, let go. I don’t remember when.
  • Web designer, quit/let go. Not sure.
  • My boss’ Executive Assistant, let go.
  • Writer, let go.
  • Graphics Designer, quit soon after I started in October 2002.

Good times.

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