The Return of Thomas

My friend Tom from work has just returned from a 6-month world tour. He’s back in the U.S., now crashing with his mom in Philly. He’s off to graduate school at George Washington University in Washington D.C. in a couple of weeks.

On Friday, Tom called me and Terence, the other writer and friend, at work. That was the best part of our day. I actually teared up. It was really nostalgic to hear Tom’s voice in the writer’s room…just like old times!

Anyhoo. We’ve been keeping a “Thomas Guide” for Tom since he left the company and the country in February. It’s a big world map with “Thomas Guide” logo and a piece of Kracker candy bar, Tom’s favorite, taped onto it. Tom would check in from each of his destination via email, and we would tape a picture of his head onto the map. Then I took a picture of the map and send it to Tom and his mom. The Thomas Guide was quite a hit.

Tom and his girlfriend Melanie’s journey goes something like this:

California to Philadelphia Road Trip –> Flight to Los Angeles –> Fiji –> New Zealand (Auckland through Queenstown) –> Sydney: rented a camper, drove up the eastern coast –> Thailand: few days in Bangkok with a day spent with Oakley’s parents, the rest was traveling through Krabi and the south –> Cambodia –> Vietnam –> Bangkok again –> Melanie off to Rome, Tom to Bali –> Tom meets up with Mel in Rome –> London –> Back to Philly.

We all want to travel like that once in our lives and here goes Tommy Boy and his girlfriend, living our dreams for us.

The Thomas Guide will be shipped off to Tom so he could adorn the wall of his new pad in D.C.

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