In Thailand, there’s one of those superstition things that says that: twitchy left eye means good things are coming, and, of course, twitchy right eye means bad things are coming.

My left upper eyelid has been twitching for over a week now. If that was real, I should’ve won the lottery, got discovered in a mall or by someone who heard my musical “talent” seeping from my apartment, escaped from the topic mentioned in “Grrr”, or at least found a $100 bill. Make that a $20 even. No. $1.

Not a single good news.

And I have the cold. Again.

I thought working out was supposed to be good for your health. How come I got a cold twice in one month since I started working out. Explain THAT.

Nothing sacred. Yeah. The theme of the week on FX and my life.

On Nip/Tuck, Sean finds out his first born son is not his but from his wife’s one night of passion with his best friend/partner. The lady who claimed to have stigmata with all the right proofs–square holes, blood that isn’t hers–turned out to be a product of an elaborate scheme to keep the halfway house running and her staying in it. She told him, “There is nothing to believe in any more.”

On Rescue Me, Tommy questions God’s existence with his best friend and cousin died in 9/11, his wife and him being separated, and now his daughter in critical condition from a car accident.

Yeah, only if they had President Bartlett yelled at God in Latin on Bravo, I’ll be all set.

Fortunately for me, I don’t have to doubt God. I’m frelling Buddhist, man. It’s all about karma. 😉

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