Can drinking one beer a day make you an alcoholic if you’re a one beer wonder like me? That’s a very good question.

Shane, Brandon, and I went shopping for Shane’s costume tonight. Shane is going to be Sam Adams from the Samuel Adams commercial.

We couldn’t find a thing at the mega costume place so we ended up storming JoAnn’s to buy a pattern, some fabric, and some buttons for me to make him the vest. The rest of the costume he could manage on his own.

Then we hit Demsey’s, the Irish bar next door to JoAnne’s. I had a pint of New Castle but had to down the last 1/3 very quickly as this one lady’s juke box music selection.

I’m buzzed. Again. 2 nights in a row. Hope I’m not developing a habit.


  1. Anonymous   •  

    I am also dressing up as Samuel Adams for Halloween this year, but i cant find a wig anywhere. Does your friend have natural Sam Adams hair or what is he doing?

  2. OakMonster   •  

    Even Shane who owns a beauty supply store couldn’t quite locate the wig that was the exact page boy cut. He ended up getting a wig that was close enough, have his barber do the modification, and he’s going to put it on curlers to get the right look. Hope that helps!

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