2004: Year In Review

Inspired by ‘Mazing Amy once again, here is my 2004 year in review.

Yours Truly

I started the year off with me coming back from my solo trip to Thailand, and we ended the year with our trip to Thailand in November, this time with Brandon.

What a year at work for me at the office! The turnover rate was unreal, and working in the field of California Indian gaming has never been more challenging.

I discovered the joy of sewing on sewing machine. At the same time, I almost lost my eye to the broken needle incident.

I have been able to track some long lost friends down like Tony, my college freshman year RA, and a few other drama friends from high school. We discovered a long lost high school friend of Brandon’s blogging online his first crush…on Brandon.

Brandon & Oakley

We launched our corporate website. Boren Consulting has a steady stream of jobs through out the year. And with that, we treated ourselves to some events: River Dance, and RW Hampton live at the Autry Museum.

We both retired from Taekwondo. Brandon has reached his goal of 3rd degree black belt and he didn’t need any more. I choose a physically painless life to pursue other passion over continuing to injure my ankle and other limbs for a black belt. Brandon discovered the joy of yoga. I rediscovered the joy of dance, and am taking jazz dance lessons via Park & Rec.

We went to a Halloween party as characters from Final Fantasy games. As much fun as we had putting them together, we realized too late that no one knew who we were supposed to be. Another reassurance that we are super geeky couple!


Vanessa, Brandon’s TKD little sister, graduated from college, and moving onward to get her masters degree in psychology. Justin started medical school in San Diego.

Shane’s marriage finally legally ended after 2 years of divorce process. That same week, he also sold his beauty supply business. His sister Toni is getting married in 2005 as well.

Our friends James and Aurora got married in October, and a family friend of mine, Nan, got married to her college sweetie Michael earlier this year. A whole bunch of friends in Thailand got married throughout the year as well, and more friends are lined up to get hitched in 2005.

My kindergarten buddy, Tum, gave birth to a beautiful daughter, DD. Another school friend in Thailand also gave birth to a baby boy. A friend of the family, Bryant and his wife also had their baby, Miles. My best friend Joy lost hers right after the doctor confirmed she was pregnant. Joy and her husband are already working on their 2nd try.


Brandon’s sister Stephanie also has quite a year. Her boyfriend Pierre suffered a severe burn from a freak accident of exploding fireplace, and has since recovered beautifully. Her son Barrett collapsed after a baseball game with a heart condition, and is now being treated with medication. We got to spend a lot of time with her daughter Lauren so both of them could have their own private time out.

My brother Onk finally got his master’s degree, and is heading home permanently at the end of January. When your alma mater is going to Orange Bowl, against your little sister’s alma mater no less, you sort of have to plan your flight home around that.

A few deaths in the family: Brandon’s aunt Cricket, and his brother-in-law Jim’s mother.


2004 was a huge year for sports in my scope of interest. Thai athletes at the Olympics, especially the ladies, took home gold medals like we have never done before. And then, there are the USC Trojans.

The year comes to close with the tsunami tragedy. In a wake of tragedy, it has been refreshing to see the outpouring of compassion and kindness from my own people, and from all corners of the world.

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