End to a perfect weekend

$1207.50 Y’all. The Lesser Weevils’ first time out was a GREAT SUCCESS! Over our goal by $207.50! Thank you. So much.

Exhausted. Must. Take. Bath. Epsom. Salt. Oy. Vey.

Ah…bath time’s done.

Except for one much, much delayed bad news, this weekend is the BEST weekend so far this year.

The bad news: my favorite cat in the whole wide world Thumper passed away a few weeks ago. No one told us. Lauren mentioned it and that is how we knew. RIP Thump Thump. I’m sure there are plenty of laps for you to warm and chests to crush up in heaven. I will always miss you.

Now, the BEST stuff.

Friday evening. I came home to my early birthday present from Brandon: Donkey Konga 2 and a set of GameCube Bongos. I am sooooo hooked! Left – left – clap. Right – right – clap. Both – both – clap!!!

Saturday morning. The piano mover picked up my long time friend the Lowrey upright and introduced me to my new soulmate, the beautiful oak Kimball. The mover, for some reason, maybe having witnessed my absolute joy, didn’t charge me for the $2 per step for the 15 steps up to my apartment. Just the basic rate of $85.

Saturday afternoon. USC Trojans beat Notre Dame with 3 seconds left to the game in a heart-stopping, insane ending. IN-SANE, yo. Insane! I was screaming my lungs off and continued to do so on the phone with ALL my Trojan buddies for the next 30 minutes.

Saturday night. We went to the Orange County Police Canine Association Benefit Show at Cal State Fullerton withBrandon’s coworkers Eric and Betti and her family. The show was GREAT and I finally met Deputy Steve Brown whose computer Brandon’s been working on. Steve’s partner Lycos totally stole the show last night, thoroughly enjoying himself on the field, and being the smallest K9 on the field that day, managed a heck of a suspect take down. Of course, with my yelling and some support from Betti and her family, we rallied the crowd to scream for Lycos and won him “the toughest K9” of the evening! A handful of law enforcement helicopters flew into the stadium for a little VOGUE moment, turning around for everyone to see, and flew off. The show ended with awesome fireworks.

Saturday late night. We picked up Lauren and got to spend a few minutes with Stephanie’s brand new kitten, Winston. He’s sooooooooooo cute!

Sunday. AIDS Walk. Couldn’t have had more fun! And we raised soo much money!

Sunday evening. Dinner at Chen’s for Pops’ birthday. The Weevils’ first real meal of the day! And a great gathering of family and friends.

Sunday night. We took Lauren home. Played with Winston some more. Any more time with him we are going to pocket him and run! 🙂 Escaped the Angels game traffic and got there and back with great time.

Now. A little rain and a little thunder. My favorite sounds!

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