Mela needs a home!

Stephanie and Lauren, Brandon’s sister and niece, are moving into an apartment. They can’t take Lauren’s cat Mela with them. The apartment they’re moving into is a lot closer to busy streets than their current residential neighborhood. Since Mela is a mostly outdoor cat, they don’t want to run a risk of finding a Mela pancake on their driveway one day.

Mela is Lauren’s kitty. You remember her from last year when she and Lauren were visiting with us? Well, here’s her “baby” picture. She’s grown a bit more since, but still not a huge cat. And that tail, now it’s like a big bushy thing with a life of its own. 😀

Anyways. As I said, Mela is a mostly outdoor kitty who comes home to eat and sleep, and whenever Lauren whistles for her. I don’t have her exact age but I don’t think she’s more than 2 years old.

So Mela of Norco is DESPERATELY needing a home by the 30th. If you know ANYONE who can take Mela, we can definitely work something out. Please leave a post here, or for those who know me call or email me.

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  1. mela   •  

    I came accross this randomly. I just thought I would say that I never thought I would read about a cat that has my name.

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