Dreamlike state of mind

As I’m floating away on the fine mistiness created by a huge gulp of Robitussen (that and Pepto Bismol, I don’t even use a cup any more), I’d recount a few things…

First. I finished my very first Sudoku puzzle yesterday! The “Gentle” one in the LA Times Sunday edition. Yeah. Took a while. I finally got a system down and it seems to be working for me so far.

Second. Just watched the tsunami documentary on Discovery channel. Never realized how huge the waves were. And never realized how stupid some people were.

Um. Gee. A giant foaming wall of water is coming toward me but I’m just going to stand here looking at it with my camera just to say “Oh gee. A giant foaming wall of water is coming toward me” and have it on tape. And yeah, the water is rising, let’s hang on to this wall. It’ll hold the water. We don’t have to bug the kind people 5 feet to our right on a balcony, reaching for us to get over. What the hell?? Water is pouring down around the fucking wall and you think standing there is going to be safe? Duh.

Dad is in Khao Lak right now prepping for the groundbreaking ceremony for the Tsunami Memorial. So are my friends Nick and Jacqueline.

Third. I’ve never tanked a test this bad in my life. Totally blew my Flash finals. Bad. As in, I barely got any task done. Not to mention I didn’t even know how to do half of them. You see, I’m stuck on Actionscript. I can’t get anything to work and am unable to move on. So, I can make a cutesie animated movie but can’t build a site on Flash to save my life. I may have to re-take this class.

And finally, still sick. And it seemed I had spread my brand of sick around the department. It’s the same ol’ holy crap I have no energy, ooh my throat hurts a little, achy all over, oop there goes the fever, and here comes the cough. My direct boss went home early 2 days in a row because of that fatigue. I came home early on Tuesday and had to trudge back out to take my Dreamwever final. And of course, yesterday I didn’t get to rest at all. And today I went in, coughing my lungs out, and still has the cycles of fatigue. So the Big Boss sent me home around 3:30. Still coughing. Still fatiging.

And yeah. The fucking dust is still every fucking where and I have no energy to clean right now.

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