Morgan Claire arrives

Brandon’s sister Stephanie delivered baby Morgan Claire yesterday. We have a brand new niece!

But, of course, being Steph, she didn’t leave us the details about the baby i.e. weight etc. because she knows Brandon, being a guy, wouldn’t remember anyway. 🙂

That also became a problem as I rushed home yesterday so we could beat the traffic out to Norco to see mommy and baby. I got home at 5 p.m. and Brandon had yet to get in touch with Steph. Around 5:30, she called us back. She was on her way out of the hospital.

“Why don’t you guys come out this weekend instead so you can bring me food from Le Yen’s?”

So, there went the plan to go see the brand new niece.

I ended up at Brenda’s house as originally planned for a gathering of friends to open some Christmas presents. And it’s good to finally have Jon in town for good. Yep. He moves in with Brenda. Majority of his Las Vegas home will be moved in after new year. We are so happy for them!

The whole gang was there except for Anthony, James, and Brandon. It was quite fun. Lots of food. Lots of wine. Lovely, lovely evening! I think I’m still buzzed from last night…which is kind of funny since I didn’t drink all that much. Heh.

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