Just came back from visiting Brandon’s almost-2-weeks-old niece Morgan Claire Baldwin. She’s all pink, soft, fussy around the ears, and starting to look like her dad, Pierre.

“Oh, and just like you guys, she’s part Blackfoot,” Brandon’s mom said. She’s a quarter Native American. “Check this out.”

Mom lifted the blanket to reveal more of sleeping Morgan.

The soles of her feet are black as if she’s been running on asphalt barefoot.

“Did you know that hospitals don’t do babyfoot printing any more? They scan them!” said Stephanie. “So I bought the ink pad from Staples and did it myself. Morgan didn’t like the process too much though. I think the best one we have, she only has 4 toes on one foot.”

And just to clarify for those who are already confused. Pierre is Morgan’s father, Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend. Lauren and Barrett are Stephanie’s kids with her ex-husband Darrell. Does that make sense? Okay. Cool.

It was a great visit with the family. Pierre came. Then later on Darrell brought back Lauren and Barrett. We alternately had dinner and hung out in the dining room and living room, chowing down on $100 worth of Chinese food we hauled in from Le Yen’s.

Once I got home, I found an email from my friend Nan and her husband Mike. They just had their baby boy, Owen Ichira Ching! Yey for them! I’ve added the Chings’ blog to my roll so you can go over there and see some pictures.

Just a few bundles of joy to brighten up my day. Much needed.

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  1. mikenan   •  

    Hi Oakley,

    Congrats on your new niece! Owen is doing very well. Thanks for adding our website to your list of blogs.

    I’m sorry to hear about your mom. I wish you and your family all the best. And also, congrats to your brother on his upcoming wedding.

    Good luck with the apartment hunting!


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