I love cows

Especially when they’re chicken fried.

Stephanie and Lauren made us a chicken fried steak feast completed with mashed potatoes and green beans today. I think I ate an equivalent of a calf.

It was truly amazing to watch them circling between the kitchen and the living room, taking turns at fixing supper and tending to baby Morgan Claire. I partook a little bit of entertaining Morgan. She seems to like my glasses.

It did take a village to raise a child.

Oh, and the funniest moment of the evening was the interaction between Brandon and his baby niece.

You know the scene from “The Mummy” when Brendan Fraser’s character Rick holds up a cat to the Mummy who shrieks and flies off? Well, replace Brendan with Lauren, cat with Morgan, and Brandon with the Mummy.

Not that he doesn’t like his niece, but babies seem to cry if Brandon’s anywhere near them, and therefore, he runs…uh…backs away from Morgan.

That’s why we won’t be having any kids.

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