Updates Galore

Update #1 – Mom

Mom’s doing wonderfully! The word from the latest chemo is that the cancer in her liver is shrinking at a very high rate. The good news also got my mom in much better spirit and therefore she’s starting to eat again. Yippee all around!

Update #2 – Food

Robin Miller, you are my newest goddess. The Sunday prep for the entire week of food thing is working out wonderfully for us. I actually cooked 2 original meals on Sunday, so the next 5 days we will have something to eat. I did grilled jerk flank steak with sesame glazed green beans and light mashed potatoes. Then sliced the steak for the next 2 meals of steak fajitas and Philly cheese steaks. And finally I prepped the pork pot roast and veggies which I tossed into the crock pot this morning. We came home to the wonderful, tender sweet and sour pork with potatoes, and in the next few days, BBQ pulled pork sandwich. Oh yeah. And we still have chicken fried steak from Stephanie too.

Update #3 – Ren Faire

Tickets are bought. We’ll be going to the Faire! Yey!

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