Good times

The best birthday ever? Indeed! It all started on Wednesday into the actualy birthday on Thursday and bled over into the madness that was Friday night. And of course, the USC Trojans brought me a little something on Saturday night as well.

A HUGE thank you to my gang for coming out to Seal Beach Hennessey’s in droves!

Matt, Terri, Allen, Zak, and Frenchy and Brandy trekked in from all over Los Angeles. Celeste and Eva came in from the San Gabriel Valley. Nora came up from the real O.C. And finally, Stephanie hauled all 3 kids plus Connor in from Valley of the Dirt People. Your commute in to the humble Seal Beach made one hell of a birthday gift for little me!

On a side note, Morgan Claire turned out to be the Belle of the Ball with the ladies at the party. Stephanie finally had time to breath as everyone took her turn playing with Claire.

And of course, my homeboys and homegirls. Brandon (of course!). Shane. Toni and Erick. Paul and Lupe. James and Aurora. Brenda and Jon. Tanya and her boyfriend (Dude…you’re so nice, I just don’t remember your name!)

Aurora and James bought me a giant sucker with a sticker that said “30 Sucks” and a string of plastic beads with “30” coins on it and at the bottom, the medallion said, “Why grow up?” So I ran around the place with the beads around my neck and the sucker in my pocket.

Celeste took a picture of me holding Morgan Claire who had the “Why Grow Up?” part in her mouth. Talk about cuteness!

At 7:30, I started with a Black and Tan. Well, with all the folks coming in, I managed to eat half of the blue cheese burger and intermittenly took a drink out of that pint. Somewhere towards the end of that pint, around 8:30, Paul bought me the Irish Car Bomb.

For those uninitiated, an Irish Car Bomb is dropping a shot of Irish whiskey with a splash of Irish cream into a half a pint of Guinness and chug, chug, chug!

Yes. I did the shot. Lauren has the pictures to prove it! (Will try to get them from her soon.)

Frenchy wanted to buy me one as well, but I had to tell him to hold off a bit. He kindly obliged. Around 9:30, Frenchy, Paul and I had a round of Irish Car Bombs.

It got to around 10 p.m. when most of the gang left. I didn’t touch another drink. It was down to Brandon and I, Shane, Terri and Allen when Tanya and her boyfriend bought me another Black and Tan. All of us nursed our last drinks until almost midnight when we all headed out.

Yes. I walked myself out of the joint.

Saturday morning came. Typical of me, I didn’t get that nasty hangover headache until the afternoon. Hehehee…

And of cousre, the 4-day Birthday celebration ended with USC’s victory over Cal.

Turning 30 doesn’t suck one bit. 🙂


  1. Korbua   •  

    I wonder what it would be like when it’s my turn to turn 30! 🙂

  2. Rude Cactus   •  

    Happy birthday. See? 30 is survivable.

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