Remember that the monstrous, super painful nostril zit/infection thing I had while I was in Hawaii? Well, it managed to manifest once again in the other nostril this time while I was sick.

At least now I know it could be a form of staph infection that could go away on its own if your body is strong enough (which mine isn’t at the moment), or it could get worse and infect your sinus and perhaps even your brain.

Oh yeah. Lovely, isn’t it?

I look like a lopsided Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. My nose is red on the outside of where the infection is on the inside. Although I doubt Rudy’s nose hurts so bad that he wants to shave it off his face with the nearest utensil. I mean, I cough and it hurts my entire head.

Nothing I can do to it really until I see my doctor, which is probably not going to be tomorrow morning. The online suggestions said to soak that in warm water and apply antibacterial cream which may not help all that much but doesn’t hurt. I have to take another half day on Tuesday probably to get this taken care of.

But that’s all the bad of this weekend, really. Because the rest was just fantastic.

First of the good things this weekend is that I picked up my new glasses, Candies frame with the newest Transition lenses. It costs me pretty pennies, but it’s definitely worth it. Once my nose stops lighting the way for Santa, I will definitely take a picture for you guys.

Brandon is very happy about these and I’m sure my dad would be too. Those guys hate my geeky New Balance glasses which was my mom’s favorite. As a matter of fact, that was the last thing we bought together. She picked out those bad boys before she went in for her first chemo. But I digress, as always.

Originally, after I picked up the glasses, Aurora and I were going to a wine and cheese tasting which Brandon offered to be our driver. A few sips of alcohol at the tasting apparently doesn’t interfere with Aurora’s breast feeding, but Aurora’s allergy to dairy does. (It’s the whole passing on the allergy thing.) Why tastes the wine at the wine & cheese event if you can’t have any cheese! But Mommy needs a few hours off anyway so we took her to have a dairy-free lunch and a for a stroll around the mall instead. Good times were had by all.

This morning, I had a hair appointment with Mary Ann in Sierra Madre. I plunked in a big wad of dough for salon quality shampoo and conditioner since my switch to store brand split my hair like never before. Hence, the appointment to trim those suckers off my head. At this length, said Mary Ann (and Shane, the former beauty supply purveyor, too), my hair can’t afford to be on drugstore stuff any more.

Brandon almost fell off the chair when I told him how much the shampoo and conditioner were. But a) these would last a LONG time, and b) it’s the cost of having the long, beautiful Asian hair you love, honey bunny, in addition to living with this.

After Mary Ann beautified me thoroughly–so much so that I ran late to brunch with my girls. Celeste, Eva, Nhien and Amy were all waiting for me. It was HOT out there in the San Gabriel Valley. The restaurant was under a tent with fans blowing every which direction but still HELL of hot. The soju mojito made the heat a lot easier to deal with though.

And of course, what would the Fab Five gathering be without a little bit of a blog-worthy snippet of conversation.

Amy: Hm. I think I’m going to order the Crab Hash.

Nhien: Well, if I get the Dungeness Crab Chile Rellenos, will you share the hash?

Me: You *always* share the hash, sweetie.

Finally, I just now checked my mail and found that I won a print of this really cool photo over at Raven’s blog! “Seventeen” is her husband Mike’s handy work. Much coolness! Raven was one of the artists showing and vending at the Brewery Art Walk last week. Nora and I bought her magnets and couldn’t get the scent of her Tahitian Vanilla bath salt out of our heads.

Anyhoo. I support artsy folks especially stuff I like. So, here list Raven’s online store and also Brandon’s friend Rachael’s store for her artisan jewelry and handmade soaps.

See? Writing about all of these joyous occasions make me totally forget about that alien living in my nostril. Okay, not totally, but at least for a little while…

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