Unexpected Gift

I must’ve been bad last year as Santa brought me the flu for Christmas.

I had a fabulous Christmas Eve dinner with Nora’s family. Great time. Tons of presents.  Hope you and yours had a fabulous time as well!

Christmas morning, I woke up with pain in my ear and swollen glands. By noon I was running fevers averaging to about 101. By 2 p.m. I called my cousin to excuse myself from family dinner. By 2:05 p.m. I downed first of many shot of Nyquil of the next 5 days.  By 2:30 p.m. I fell asleep on the couch hugging a pack of blue ice for comfort.  The rest was very much a blur.

Saturday morning, I woke up to 103 fever. Fortunately, the fever stayed put, back down to the 100. No emergency room visit for me.  Yay.  But the date between me, the couch, the ice pack, and body pillow (aka Jerry) continued.  I regrettably had to cancel my appearance at a Tweet Up the following day which I organized a month earlier.  Fooey!  Fever broke once over night.

Sunday morning, ear ache was gone. Things started to drain down the back of my throat, but I wasn’t all that stuffed up. Fever was still with me although a lot less probably it was trumped by fatigue. So Jerry the Pillow and I continued our date on the couch, thinking all the while that I wanted to be at the Tweet Up, playing Rock Band, having Hooters wings and presenting my friend with his Guinness Chocolate Birthday Cake.  By 5 p.m. it was clear I wasn’t at the party nor in any condition to go to work the next day. I had one sweaty night that night, not in a good way but definitely was better for me.

Monday morning came the onslaught of ick.  Things were still draining but I also started the drippy goodness. Fever was starting to subside, though.  I got an appointment with my substitute doctor as my current one is pregnant. The sub swabbed me and cleared me for strep throat (duh, I could’ve told her that…wait, I *did*!), and concluded that I was at the tail end of the flu. She told me to keep up with the Mucinex and plenty of liquid, to call in sick the next day, and sent me home.  I coughed and hacked through the afternoon, feeling worse as I went.  Piles upon piles of tissues were bulldozed scooped into the trash can when I went to bed at 7 p.m. Ah. Another sweaty night guarantee the morning victory!

Alas, a glorious morning without any drippy goodness!  I felt great!  But then my vocalizing “Yey” came out more like a weezy whistle.  With all the hacking yesterday, it seeemed my voice ran away from home.  A few minutes later, the mucus all came back and good feelings proved to be just a flash in the pan.  I cuddled back up to Jerry the Pillow, the second box of Puff with Lotion, and my pot of tea.

I have lost count as to how many pots of tea there have been through these past 5 days.  From PG Tips English Breakfast with sugar and milk on Christmas morning, to the rotation of Yogi Echinacea Immune Support with honey, just hot water and honey, lemongrass and pandan tea from Thailand, and TenRen Chrysanthemum tea with a touch of brown sugar. Something in these teas definitely makes it all better faster. I personally think it’s the REAL honey, avocado honey no less, I got from the farmer’s market. But I digress.

Many, er, “hairballs” later, I started to feel better. By 5 p.m. I actually wanted real food and Brandon, bless his heart for having taken care of me all week, fetched me the patty melt I craved.  Everything stayed down this time.

Hopefully, that was the last shot of Nyquil I will need for a while.


  1. Steve   •  

    I too was blessed(?) with a cold for Christmas, so I can sympathize. Glad to hear you’re feeling better though. Next time around try mega doses of zinc just as you’re starting to feel sick. It often does the trick for me and my wife Golf. Best wishes for the New Year!

  2. MazingAmy   •  

    Feel better. I’ve got the flu too. In fact, tho am a week+ into it and feeling a wee bit better, I think this was the swine. Sigh.

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