I dream. A lot. Many times, very vividly. So vivid that not only I’d wake up confused, but I’d remember the entire dream as if it actually happened.

When a celebrity happens to star in such dreams, they earn a place in my little book of dream.  Hence, the DreamBoat.

Funny thing is that of all the boys I would dream about, they are mostly of the brown haired, blue eyed variety.  However, my most lust after celebrity crush, Mr. Brad Pitt, has never made it to the board.

There are still many more nights in my future.

Russell Crowe, Captain

Russell is the captain because it was the dream about him that launched this Boat way back in 2002 sometime.

The dream played out like a real movie. I worked backstage at a gala event where Russell was to present. After the show he sought me out and we stayed up all night talking, falling asleep together. Yes, innocently, Lost in Translation -like.  I sneaked out and went home to my married life. Later in the afternoon, with Brandon at his computer, I found Russell at my door, professing his love to me and asking me to run away with him.

Dr. Gregory House / Hugh Laurie, First Mate

I dreamed of Dr. House 3 times. Yep. That oughtta earn the man the right to stand next to my Russell.

Nov. 2005: In the the first entry, we didn’t quite make out in that dream–we just talked, and I kissed him on my way out–but there definitely was an attraction and sexual tension going on like how it was between him and Dr. Allyson Cameron on the show. Read the full story here.

March 2007: We made out. Like crazy too! And with him as Hugh Laurie, not House. British accent and everything. It was an overall bizarre dream, but boy was that fun. Read the full story here.

Feb. 2008: This dream pits House as the romantic lead. A friend who falls in love and seals it with just a little kiss. Read the full story here.

Anthony Bourdain, Honorable Mention

Tony showed up two nights in row in April 2009, a feat never been done by any of the DreamBoat crew.

First, a brief appearance as my best dude friend visiting me in Thailand.  Not much to really qualify him for the DreamBoat.  However the second appearance was like a sequel of the first one.

Tagging along with his crew, shooting No Reservation at some exotic locale, Tony and I might have dipped our toes in the more than friends territory. Read the full story here.

Yeah, I’m so weird I’m freaking myself out.

Jason Mraz, Singer/Songwriter

Sept 2005: This one I believe is a result of VH1 I love the 80s which Jason was a commenter. I hadn’t really listen to his music up until then but after the dream, I searched out his music and he made a believer out of me. I totally dig his style! Anyway, in the dream, Jason was my guitar toting high school best friend turned boyfriend. Read the full story here.

Feb 2010: Jason turned up on the Dreamboat after a long absence.  This time I think it’s because I just watched his live concert on Palladium channel. And of course, having him on my Napster playlist probably contributes to that too.  The dream isn’t quite as vivid as the last time.  Apparently I was on tour with the band. I came up to the bus to wake up Jason to go to sound check. He was asleep with his hat over his face and his guitar draped across his chest.  I lifted the hat and kissed him on the forehead. With his eyes still closed, he smiled up at me, moved his guitar to the side and opened up his arms.  We snuggled. I woke up.

Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks, Stargate SG-1)

August 2005: In this dream, Daniel and I were classmates. We ended up at a pub and started making out like crazy. All of that in front of my professor who turned out to be Hulk Hogan who happened to be bartending the evening for his class. Too much Stargate SG-1 and Hogan Knows Best? Indeed. Read the full story here.

Colin Firth

Picture a room with 4 glass walls, sitting in the middle of a sunny meadow peppered with white daisies and yellow wild flowers. In the middle of the room is a bed, Colin’s arm draped over me as we napped there, wrapped in white sheets, and he mumbled sweet something in British accent to me. Dreaming of Colin usually means I yet again watched Love Actually. But the whole sunny meadow thing? I have no idea where that came from.

Matt Leinart

Former USC quarterback and Heisman winner was on the magical bus that picked me up from Santa Monica and dropped me off in Bangkok. Yes. Santa Monica to Bangkok. On a bus. Anyways, moving on.

I got on the bus and realized that it was full of USC football player on the way to a game. Someone yelled out that his bus was for the uber USC fan only. My test was to name all USC Heisman winners. Up to that point, Reggie didn’t get his yet, but I threw him in that list and the bus went crazy. So Reggie moved and I got to sit next to Matt. We chatted the whole way to Bangkok.

Dr. Jack Shepard (Matthew Fox, Lost)

So I too was on the Oceanic jet that crashed. Apparently, there was no Kate there so I got to go with Jack and a few others exploring the place. Hehe. We found a scary mansion on THE Island and we went inside. We were chased by probably the Others and we were trapped, and we were trying to get out of the mansion. All of this, at some point, Jack has only his jeans on. And was deliciously sweaty. He was trying to protect me and all of that Jack’s heroism from the show. Much fun.

Sawyer (Josh Holloway, Lost)

Of course…can’t have a LOST dream without Sawyer! But then, the dream wasn’t a LOST dream. It just has Sawyer in it!

A few nights after my dream of Jack, I was in a dream where I was a cop. (ETA: This was before Sideway episodes which…suprirse…he was a cop!) We were at a big ol’ situation in an urban warehouse where I shot the bad guy and got shot myself. Thanks to Kevlar I was laying on the ground mainly out of breath when my partner came rushing over. Ah…my dearest Sawyer! Interestingly hot in a bullet prove vest and gun drawn.

He was doing the “Are you okay? You did good, partner. Take it easy.” stuff. When he pulled me up to sitting, suddenly we were face to face, looking deep into each other’s eyes. Then we started kissing, and then suddenly he was just there with just his jeans. What shirt? What Kevlar? Gotta love instant gratification in a dream!

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond

Now this one is definitely a lingering effect of too much television. In my dream, I was sitting up in bed in my parents’ bedroom, reading. The bathroom door slid open. Steam came billowing out. Emerged Pierce, glistening, in a towel. I must have looked at him like he was an alien or something because he looked over to me, mid-drying his hair. Sound a little familiar? That’s right, 007 fans. A scene right out of the sauna in Goldeneye!

“What is it, darling?” he asked.

I was thinking to myself, “You’re Pierce fucking Brosnan, coming out of my dad’s shower, that’s what!” but I uttered “Uh…nothing…?” He grinned that oh so sexy Brosnan grin, and walked toward the bed. He rest the hair towel on the chair and got in bed. MY bed! Well, more accurately and disturbingly, my parents’ bed. I remembered him leaning down to kiss me and I thought I might have woken up then.

Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly, NCIS)

I have long had a crush on Michael since we started watching NCIS…actually, it might have been a residual crush since Dark Angel, I’m not so sure. But anyways. When he appeared in my dream, it was a nice surprise.

The dream went a bit like “Under Covers” where Tony and Ziva were undercover as husband and wife team. I was a probie observing the ops. Tony came out of the room naked. But somehow my dream follows the FCC rules and plays like the actual TV show, things were strategically placed in the line of sight as he rushed for the bathroom. A bold move from me, and I don’t know where everyone else went at this point, I followed him.

And there he was, in a towel, glistening a la the Pierce Brosnan dream. He started making some smart comment, but he never got to finish the sentence as I stepped up and kissed him. We started making out, crossing into R-rated territory over here. My clothes started coming off. But then the scene cut to Tony’s towel dropped to the floor at his feet. And the classic Dreamboat ending of me waking up soon after that.

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