REALLY white and nerdy

One must wonder truly how white and nerdy this kid is.

I mean, I was going to post something important and maybe even meaningful. But seriously, how can you top this.


(Non-geek reference: this video features a blood elf character from World of Warcraft.  There are many races of characters in this game and everyone has different sets of dance moves. i.e. the orcs do “Hammertime”, dark elf ladies have the stripper moves.)

Stand up post

Pretty much, we got rid of the wicker chair that dubs as my suit/clothes to be ironed closet. So the clothes are on my chair.

Oh yes. My anniversary present from Brandon is this:

Yep. Suddenly my desktop trebuchet kit for Brandon looks so retarded.

The rest of our anniversary was quite unexpected as well. We woke up late. Well, THAT was expected. I made brunch and we headed out to get our massage at the spa around 1. The massage and salt scrub was AMAZING! After that, we went across the parking lot for In N’ Out, then Ikea. James and Aurora came over to help us put together this massive bookcase and we went to dinner at Red Robin.

After that, we FINALLY watch our wedding highlight reel my cousin finally got it to us. Yep. Nicky took his sweet time and it was perfect. Then I poured me a glass of wine and watched “The Last Kiss”. Brandon glanced in and out of that movie while running amuck WoW Burning Crusade.
Yep. That’s 5th wedding anniverary Oakley & Brandon’s style! Told you we ain’t romantic people.

Tomorrow, I will be filling those cubby holes with the rest of my crap.

Gosh. I do have a lot of crap. LOL.

Oh, look! Video!

Okay. Jakey-boy. You’re fucking awesome!

P.S. It took me almost an hour to figure out how to embed a video onto here–surely we ain’t in Blogger any more!–so you’d better appreciate the goddamn video.  ;-)

Ding! Oakz is done!

Yep. Done.

Work? The craziness is picking up. Big event coming up in February and people are going to start registering. Guess who’s making all the collateral materials AND working on registration all at the same time?

Home? I got home today and made dinner, did laundry AND do the dishes. I’m fucking tired, man.

Brandon and I are adjusting to his new work hours. Brandon now gets home about the same time or just a tad later than me, but he has Fridays off.

So what I’m used to his coming home to an already decompressed Brandon. That saves me another hour or two in the evening before I get there. Now? We’re both decompressing at the same time. The expansion pack for World of Warcraft arrived, so he’s up later playing. And I’m up later playing with this blog and trying to consolidate all things Oakley to this one joint.

Despite the fact that we live together, I don’t think we’ve seen that much of each other this week. But tomorrow should fix that a bit.
What’s tomorrow? It’s our 5th anniversary. Our traditional gift for this one is wood. I got him a miniture trabuchet for his desk. He’s getting me a bookshelf for my office to replace the now-completely-buried wicker loveseat I had put in my office.

And we’re giving ourselves a treat of couple’s massage at the local spa. It’ll be his first.

But for now? I’m done. Done for the day. Nonetheless, let me leave you with THE BEST recent SNL guest ever….

…ah…crap…how do I post a video on WordPress??