Ding! Oakz is done!

Yep. Done.

Work? The craziness is picking up. Big event coming up in February and people are going to start registering. Guess who’s making all the collateral materials AND working on registration all at the same time?

Home? I got home today and made dinner, did laundry AND do the dishes. I’m fucking tired, man.

Brandon and I are adjusting to his new work hours. Brandon now gets home about the same time or just a tad later than me, but he has Fridays off.

So what I’m used to his coming home to an already decompressed Brandon. That saves me another hour or two in the evening before I get there. Now? We’re both decompressing at the same time. The expansion pack for World of Warcraft arrived, so he’s up later playing. And I’m up later playing with this blog and trying to consolidate all things Oakley to this one joint.

Despite the fact that we live together, I don’t think we’ve seen that much of each other this week. But tomorrow should fix that a bit.
What’s tomorrow? It’s our 5th anniversary. Our traditional gift for this one is wood. I got him a miniture trabuchet for his desk. He’s getting me a bookshelf for my office to replace the now-completely-buried wicker loveseat I had put in my office.

And we’re giving ourselves a treat of couple’s massage at the local spa. It’ll be his first.

But for now? I’m done. Done for the day. Nonetheless, let me leave you with THE BEST recent SNL guest ever….

…ah…crap…how do I post a video on WordPress??

Once again, I <3 Stephen Colbert

Dear Stephen,

You handle O’Reilly so well last night.  Although, I didn’t catch you nailing O’Reilly later on but I’m sure it’s on the TIVO.
I love you not only because of your bravery to stand up for Truthiness, your fantastic adventures with Tek Jensen, and your ability to get your name on a bridge, into a mascot, and even an eagle, but because your show gave me tickets and swag to auction off at my organization’s gala last year.


I <3 LA in the morning

Especially when the sky is absolutely gorgeous.

To be respectful to folks around me on the road, I did not snap a picture of Downtown LA skyline, backed by clear blue sky, lit by the magic hour sun this morning.

First, it was the Choir of the Angels moment on the 710.

I was crawling down the stretch on the 710, a leftover carnage of an already cleared accident. There was light in the sky. ]I came up the hill and around the corner, just where the far left lane doubles up to split off to the 5, and the traffic started to clear. I stepped on the gas and my speed demon came out to play. At that moment, the sun decided to come out too. And suddenly, I was at awe at the purple mountains and bright blue sky. It was magic.

[Insert Choir of the Angels here]

Then again, as I got off the 101 on Fourth, heading to Downtown. I drove over this bridge many times, just never at this time of day, or in this clear of a weather. But today, the sight was just majestic.

This time, the proverbial Choir was replaced by the actual music from my stereo. The intro to the epic Meat Loaf Classic, “I would do anything for love (but I won’t do that)”.

Seriously. Perfect commuting moment.

The early morning light gives me an entirely new perspective on Downtown. I mean, I drove the exact same route yesterday around 6 a.m., given it was still dark then, but not the same effect.

Then again, when the LA sky was New Mexico clear blue, tinted with the last bit of the night sky–and not one bit of the yellowish brown muck–it is truly a rare moment.

Oh yeah. And it’s still fuckin’ cold. And last night? It snowed in fuckin’ Malibu and hailed in Westwood!

And silly me, keep going to my window before bed last night, hoping it’d snow in Los Alamitos.  Consolation prize?  Ice crystals on the roof of my car, around the edges of my back windshield, and a little bit on the trunk.

Justice? What justice?

LA Times – 2 men freed in L.A. girl’s killing
Police say the gunmen were firing in self-defense at a rival gang member when the girl, 9, was hit by a stray bullet that entered her Angelino Heights home.

A few days after a bullet from a gang shooting tore into an Angelino Heights home last month, killing a 9-year-old girl, police announced with much fanfare that they had arrested the two gunmen.

But the suspects — Cesar Zamora, 23, and Steven Castanon, 20 — are now out of jail and back in their old neighborhood, to the dismay of residents who held candlelight vigils to memorialize Charupha Wongwisetsiri.

Police released the men without filing charges after determining that Zamora or Castanon fired the shot that killed Charupha in self-defense when a rival gang member pulled up in a car and tried to shoot them in front of their apartment complex next to Charupha’s home.

Sure, I’m a little bit biased for the fact that the dead little girl is Thai. But still, gang members are allowed to shoot up the neighborhood, accidentally killing people, and walk away free men because it was a “self defense”?

What kind of a fucked up world is this!?!?!??!

It’s 11 p.m.

My wake up call is 5:15 a.m.

My back up wake up call is 5:30 a.m.

Must leave the house by 5:45 a.m.

I’m dead tired. But my hair needs a bit of air drying time.  Yep.  Washed my hair tonight to keep my wake up call at 5:15 instead of 4:45.

Brandon decided to turn our wall heater on for the first time all winter.  I LOVE HIM!!!

Mother Nature has been throwing us some cold spell lately.  This morning, I stepped off my car on to the patch of grass on the sidewalk.  Itsy bitsy crunching noises came from under my feet.  It was 33F this morning, not counting wind chill from standing out there at the bus stop.  Yes, I know we SoCalifornians are wussies.  But DAMN that’s FUCKING COLD!

Upside to that is now I can sit in my office without having to throw on a ski jacket.

Sitting at my office I did and I finally put up the “I’ve moved” sign over at Blogger.  It’s a bitter sweet goodbye from my comfort zone into something new altogether.  Oh WordPress, how I both love and dispise thee!

Now that everything is here, the moment OakMonster.com is up on top of Google or after one month, I’ll delete that blog altogether.
So, what’s my plan for OakMonster.com?

  1. Assign categories to ALL original posts (666 of them!  No kidding!)
  2. Copy stuff over to “About Me” page and making THIS my home on the web.  (Yep.  So long, Geocities!)
  3. Add more pages like The Dreamboat to the blog.
  4. Creating title graphic for Hmm…Food…Good….oh wait, that’s NOT for OakMonster.com?!?

Oh yeah.  A lot more geeking out in the future. But for now, I must add the Flickr badge to the side bar and retire to bed or else I’d never wake up tomorrow morning.

Hello. We’re here.


I can’t believe I have my own domain. Yey! And such warm welcome from everyone. Thank you so much you guys!

Along with the new format, I’d like to introduce a few new links.

Chris Rude Cactus’ fabulous wife, Beth Fish, started a resolution everyone can feel good about this year. Beth said:

I decided I would challenge myself to do at least one thing every single month to help a kid other than my own.

That’s just awesome! So, I promise Beth that I would list her “Do Good” blog on my blog permanently. (See Small Change banner on the side).  And of course, I’d also blogroll her regular blog as well.

While at it, I realized I too have other causes I support. I might as well give it its own section. Hence, the Karma Farm roll.

Another new comer is Kuri. Kuri and I bonded over an article by Joel Stein in the LA Times which he pretty much told people who write him to fuck off. LOL. Nonetheless, they left a blog entry open for people to comment about the article. Kuri said this:

I like this better, because I don’t care if Joel reads my e-mail. I only care if people see this message and then look at my blog, which is at http://kurinboism.blogspot.com.

Tickled by that post, I visited Kuri’s blog and found myself thoroughly entertained. So, here we are.

Anyhoo. Welcome everyone!