Amy and Oakley

Here come the USC Trojans

Shift your gear, people. We’re coming out of the summer movie geek out and going into fall USC football madness.

From tomorrow through Thanksgiving, count me out for any Saturday activities.  Thankfully, many games this season will be in the evening, so I won’t have to miss much of my Italian lessons starting up in a few weeks.

What? Italian classes on Saturday mornings during football season?  Are you mad!?  As my husband would say, “you did that to yourself.” Yeah, I guess I’m masochistic that way.

First game of the year lands on Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, a lot of fans are out of town. Fortunately, many out of town fans are finally in town.  Many of my Trojan Tweeps I haven’t met before will converge at USC Psycho‘s famous tailgate, dubbed #Psychogate.  BYOB and bring extra stuff to help Roy out. Or buy his shirts.

Gridiron Goddess Amy (@gridirongoddess) and I will make our usual appearance there first before slinking off to another destination.  Amy with her many creative flavors of Jello shots and me with caramelized bacon-wrapped Lil Smokies.  All the new folks are bringing goodies too. This is going to be so much fun.

Among those I will get to meet finally are @fightontwist, @TrueBlueLowry21, @ScottEnyeart and @TrojanMikeG.  And of course, it’s always good to see usual suspects @vicorly and @kyle4sc. I’ll miss @maliburumbarbie though. Hopefully, I’d also get to meet Zack, the fouinding father of Arrogant Nation (@lost_angeles). But that boy’s too goddam popular now. ;-D

Oh, and all of this partying is going down starting at the usual time of  6 a.m. Kick off is at 12:30 so it’s not quite a long of a day as it usually is.

Well, the tickets were bought long time ago. I’m not going to worry about the money already spent.  Since the Coliseum is dry, and you get to marinade yourself with your booze and food before hand, there is not much more to spend. Except for occasional munchies. And appearances by food trucks.

The highest cost of the games is the parking, really.  Last year, I haven’t known too many folks I could carpool with but this year is different.  I’ll be packing my lunch for the rest of the season to do this, but this will be my splurge for the next few months instead of some fancy dinner.

Oh, all the things I’d do for USC football. :)

Amy and Oakley

Gridiron Goddess and the OakMonster at the top of the world. (Photo @ Gridiron Goddess)



Lost and Found


All who wander are not lost.

But when you’ve wandered around a while, you’re starting believe that you might really be lost.

Since my 6-year career at the nonprofit ended in March, I’ve been wandering in and out of small projects and side jobs, and online and in-person interviews.

I’ve wandered into the territory of full-time freelancing, puffed up with optimism and confidence. But some negative experiences with people along with what Seth Godin called “Lizard Brain”–the resistance part of your brain telling you to slow down and be careful–sent me packing.

Eventually, I return to the familiar open space of full-time job opportunities. The field is wide open–perhaps a little too wide open with too many players.  In my general directions, the jobs I want are few and far between.  My love for the quiet, suburban life clashes with my despise for a long commute.  Some people can do it. I really just can’t.

Meanwhile, I keep passing along opportunities to friends who live in town, hoping that they’d get lucky and the good job hunting karma will come back my way.

In all of this, occasionally, I feel lost.

The wind is taken off my sail with every unanswered application and every rejection email. High hopes spun me around just to be left adrift in the middle of nowhere.  When all is still like that, I would head toward he cabin to start a pity party.

But someone else seems to have a different plan for me.

Like this past week.

The phone rang. Got a short term gig for you, he said.  And so I set sail.

A few days into that journey, the phone rang again. An interview. And then a chat with a recruiter.  The inbox that has been devoid of any job leads coughs up a few notes.

And then my calendar pops open.

USC football season starts 2 weekends from now. Italian lessons begin a month from now. I’ve also got to get started on the TARDIS dress.  My weekdays will be filled for the next month–hopefully longer, and better yet, permanently–and my Saturdays are taken up through the end of the year.

I am no longer lost.

Hell, I won’t even have time to be lost, come to think of it.

Final draft

Getting All “Doctor” Up

Obviously, we’re a Halloween household. I usually start planning the costumes earlier in the year. Some year, we don’t have to do too much. Some year, we’d go all out.

This year, I am determined to go as the TARDIS incarnated as a cute blue dress [ETA] a blue velvet corset and a tutu with a hat that glows.  Here are my digital “drafts”, a quick and crude Photoshop image of what my outfit could/would look like.

Final draft. In the works!


Original idea.

But out from that came the idea to do a group costume with our friends James and Aurora, and her sister Lee.

I mean, we’ve done a group costume before years ago as the Firefly gang. (That’s Lee as Kaylee.) Nobody knew who we were. And we had no party to go to. But we did it anyway because, well, it’s Halloween!


As for this year, James has dibs on being an Ood.  We’re considering having me making a t-shirt for James’ 1-year-old daughter that says “My name is Melody Pond”. Either Aurora or Lee will be Madame Kovarian. And we’re hoping we can put their 3-year-old son into a little suit and bow tie. If not, we can always make him a little Cyberman.

As for Brandon, after much deliberation and cost analysis, he was talked into be Rory’s fellow Centurion. (He can’t be Rory because that means shaving!)

Upon researching, I found that the cost for Brandon’s outfit will come up to be quite a lot.  While mine will probably be too, but I’d wear that again for other random occasions.  So I asked if he’d ever wear his Centurion outfit again after Halloween.

B: It’s not like I can wear this again any other time. I mean, it’s not the right time period to wear to Renaissance Faire either.

O: You’re right. […light bulb moment!…] But wait. You CAN be the Centurion at Ren Faire!

B: How?

O: Dude. I’m the fucking TARDIS! You got to the Renaissance because you’re with ME!!!!

B: Oh god. We’re going to one of THOSE people.

You know, folks showing up at Ren Faire in other sci-fi cosplays…because they’re time traveling. While we get a laugh out of that, the whole genre mashing does ticks off some serious Ren Faire folks something fierce.

Did we mention that last year, there was a girl who dressed up as the 4th Doctor?

Brandon pointed her out as she jogged past.  Of course, being the Doctor, she’d be running…

I called out after her, “But Doctor! I thought you regenerated…like 3-4 times now!?”

She turned around, laughing, and gave me some Jelly Babies. It was quite awesome.

Anyhoo. If we were to go through with the TARDIS at the Faire experience, it would only be more worthwhile if our friend BGF Central would follow us around, throwing her combat bible at us.

Ooooh. Funnage!

What are you guys thinking about for Halloween this year? Have you even thought about it yet? ;-D


iPodyssey returns


Last year, I participated in the Wise Guys Events first-ever iPodyssey, an Mp3 flash mob event.  An offshoot of New York City’s famous Improv Everywhere‘s MP3 experiment.

I’m going to do it again this year!

Many of the folks I know from Thrill the World and GuerilLA Improv were there too.  Well, some of us from GLA were already at the rehearsal for the flash mob musical so we just headed down the freeway from there.

It was so much fun!  Running around with all these strangers, following only the voices in your ears.  Other people were looking on like WTF is going on.  It was all kinds of awesome.

Sure, our little group is nothing massive like New York. But hey, LA is representin’, yo!

Oh, and look who’s totally “cheating” at 0:52?

Last year’s musical rehearsal and my running amok with the Wise Guys were some of the awesome things I decided to participate in without a wing man/woman.

Brandon isn’t the type to flash mob and I couldn’t find any other friends to go along.  Usually, I would just blow it off and stay at home, but that all changed in 2008 when I went out to learn Thriller on the beach.

Brandon was in Washington D.C. that weekend for work.  I found out about Thrill the World’s first practice, but I couldn’t find anyone else to go with me. Instead of letting the opportunity go by like I usually do, I decided to just head on out.

For the longest time, I was missing out on things because I didn’t want to go by myself.  And then, that day, I got up and drove to Manhattan Beach to learn to dance Thriller on the sand with complete strangers all by myself.

Duh! I know!

Having grown up alone per se, with my brothers having left home for schools in the UK and US when I was young, I was used to being by myself at home. My mom never let me go out anywhere unaccompanied. Never go alone to anything. It was either with friends, with mom, or our maid would go with me.  So, I got used to the company.  Once I came to the U.S., I didn’t have many friends.  So, if there was no one to go with me to do things, I’d be perfectly happy staying at home.  It was the same thing in high school and college, and even in marriage too.

A total nerd, I tell you.

The one fateful trip in 2008 led me to do the first Thrill the World in LA and then to help lead the following year. And the musical. And the iPodyssey. And many other fun things.

I’ve been missing out on living because I was afraid of going in alone.

No more.

iPodyssey 2011, here I come!

[ETA: August 13: Sadly, I actually didn’t make it out to Century City after all. My last weekend of freedom before returning to the workforce, albeit temporary contract, needed to be quiet and low-key.]

What was the most spontaneous thing you’ve done–solo or otherwise?

Stand Back

Fashion + Science

Brandon sent me this video about a German designer who invented a new type of fabric made out of cow’s milk.

You read that right. She invented the fabric.

She was as scientist first. Fashion became a passion. So, she is actually a fashion designer AND a biologist.

Nerd girls can have it all?

Oh, yes.  Yes, we can.

Now this lady just needs this shirt…

Stand Back