Leftover for a good cause

Okay Thanksgiving weekend is almost over. I have crap loads of leftover in the fridge!

The story goes…

I heard about a program organized by the Armed Force YMCA in San Diego that sign families up to host a couple of Marines, Navy servicemen and women for Thanksgiving. So Brandon and I signed up. I asked on Monday before T-day and they said I should be getting 2 guests but someone will confirm with me later. I haven’t heard anything so I went and bought all the foods anyway. That was the day when the truckers join the grocery store strike. So Brandon and I hauled home a 22-lb turkey.

Wednesday afternoon, the last and final day I should hear about hosting military guests, I still haven’t heard anything…meaning, no guests. Brandon and I launched into a desperate, last minute search for Thanksgiving Orphans, but everyone already made plan by this point.

Thanksgiving morning, I wrestled the 22 pounder out of the cooler where it’s been thawing, and damn near fell in to the cooler myself. I cooked the bird, made the stuffing and all the fixings. The maple-glazed, sage-buttered turkey came out perfeftly! (I’ll have the picture here soon.) We probably ate about 3 lbs of turkey that night.

Today, I’m off to the store to buy stuff to make turkey and dumplings.

Turkey lurkey loo…and turkey lurkey lap. I eat my turkey then I take a nap….

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