Feet of a Princess

I started something. I think it’s going to be a book. An autobiography of sort about my royal heritage. [ETA June 2018: 14 years later, you can read the story now. It ain’t a novel for damn sure.]

You know I’m a princess, right? Well, not really. But genetically, I am related to all the Kings of Thailand of Chakri Dynasty dating back some 200 years. Not to mention I’m also a granddaughter of a significant political figure and a famous army general.

My only royal trait: my feet. I have my grandmother’s feet. Apparently, her father had the same too. I want to assume King Mongkut (the King portrayed in the King & I), my great-great-grandfather, have the same feet…

It’s going to be a fun project. 🙂 Debbie wants to see this as a base for a fiction. I personally want to write out the history.

It’s all started from me re-reading the family history project I turned in during my sophomore year. The report was sloppy, and a lot of things were left out. I wanted to write more about the history of my family and our ties to the country. I wanted to find out more about myself.

I think it’s the only way I could feel closer to my princess grandmother. It’s really weird that I’m missing her these days. I never got to know her, and I never really grieved for her. I didn’t cry at her funeral. Or after that. But I bawled my head out a couple of nights ago because I dreamed about her.

Yeah. That must be it. My grandmother wants me to learn more about her. She’s inspiring me to write.

We shall see how this project turns out. Lord knows I’m no Virginia Woolf.

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