Cruise with me baby

On additional, boy-crazy note: I watched E! Special presentation/interview with Tom Cruise during my cold medicine haze.

After all these years, after Brad Pitt and many other hunks, Tom still does it for me. His smile still quivers my heart and buckles my knees.

Tom was the first celebrity I had a mad crush on. Top Gun did it. And it was all about Tom all the time sometime in 6th grade. I think that may be where I developed affinity for white boys.

Well, actually that would split between Tom Cruise and Fabian, the boy from Germany I met at the international camp I went to when I was 12. Fabi and his little fang and blond hair. My friend Peg and I codenamed him “Shark”. I even managed to dance with him at our formal. Fancy that.

Back to Tom. Yeah. He’s still a hottie. After I watched his special on E!, I felt like…man only if I get to meet him, he and I are going to click and he’ll know that I’m the one…the real Mrs. Cruise he’s been looking for all these times. But then, I remembered the judge said something about being 50 feet away…

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