Let the shuttlecocks fly

The first Thai badminton player ever to reach Olympics quarterfinals has just advanced to semifinals!

On that note – Nice try, Kevin and Howard of the US Badminton team. Not bad for your first time out.

On another note – 3 Thai boxers–each in a different weight group–are still hanging in there. This year may be the year we have the most Olympics medal yet!

I remembered when I was a kid, and the first Olympics medal was won. It was a silver in boxing. Then we didn’t win anything for a couple of Olympics, and then we hit the first and only gold with boxing.

Winning a medal in the Olympics is THE biggest thing for athletes and fans back home. No higher honor, and no one prouder.

Fighting for your country is probably the most revered aspect in Thai cultures. Stemming from earlier years of war against everyone else, many of Thai legends are based on war and honor in fighting to protect the King and country. Olympics, though not lethal, plays out the same blood, sweat, and tears. You’re still doing it for the King and country.

I’m damn proud to be a Thai.

**LATE EDITION** The guy didn’t get any medal in the end. But did to back to Thailand to a huge chunk of change for making it THAT far.


  1. Anonymous   •  

    What’s the previous highest medal count for Thailand?


  2. OakMonster   •  

    I think 3 but I’m not sure. I’ll check.

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