Curse of “Godzilla”

Just watched the American version of Godzilla for the first time after all these years. Since I grew up with the Japanese Godzilla, I felt like I would be betraying my roots by seeing the US Godzilla.

Mutated iguana. Give me a frelling break. The damn thing can’t even breathe fire, and you’re calling it a Godzilla?

Oh yeah, all 2 times that it “breathes fires” in this US version. If you watch closely, you’ll see that Godzilla’s breath/roar sends cars flying, and the collision of those cars cause explosion. Godzilla’s breath fans and pushes the flames. That is no firebreathing my friend.

Well, now I too have lost 2 hours of my life I could never get back.

Along the line of “the Curse of The Exorcist” special they have going on right now on E!, in the middle of watching Godzilla, I figured out that there is also the curse of American Godzilla.

You know, other than the fact that the movie itself is a curse. All the bad things that happened to all that involved in the 1998 Godzilla. **Update Alert: The more I thought about this, the more I have to add. Haha.**

  1. 9/11 happened to New York City.
  2. The French screwed up again after creating “Godzilla” by pissing off the US for Iraqi Freedom etc.
  3. Director Roland Emmerich went on and made “The Day After Tomorrow”.
  4. Matthew Broderick was dumped by on-the-up-and-up Sarah Jessica Parker. His film career never really recovered. Wait a minute, that was since Ferris Bueller days…
  5. Jean Reno virtually vanishes from American screen since Ronin.
  6. Poor Maria Pitello. Thought Godzilla was going to be her big break. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.
  7. *Madison Square Garden, the breeding grounds of baby Godzillas. Life imitates arts this week as the RNC continues…
  8. *Godzilla himself. The Japanese company announced their plan to retire him after 50 years of stomping over Tokyo earlier this year. Well, after his final batttle, Godzilla: The Final Wars, of course.

The only 3 people that seem to have escape the curse. Harry Shearer and Hank Azaria are protected by the holy aura of The Simpsons.

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