Super Thursday

The Stork is visiting…

…my best friend Joy!!

Gotcha. Heh.

Joy and her hubby have waited a few years so they could get her family business up and running. Now that the new factory opens, and everything is running smoothly, like clockwork, the Stork makes a delivery!

I hopped onto IM. Joy grabbed the other one of our gang, Lily, who is now renting the couch from Joy’s other best friend, and a newly wed, Naam, who also joined in the chat, in New York City. We had a good hour of girl chat about Joy’s pregnancy and Naam’s and my future children, Lily and her job at the Mark, vintage furniture, vintage jeans, skin care regime, cosmetics, hair length, TV shows, etc.

It was a great hour of typing and falling out of the chair laughing.

A Stork almost made another delivery over here too last night.

A collar-less gray cat followed the next door neighbor girls home. They opened a can of tuna and left it on the front porch for the little guy, and I brought him a bowl of water. I sat outside my door petting him for a good 5 minutes before he went back to tuna.

We would have kept him if he doesn’t already have an owner. Healthy, clean, super friendly cat. Probably he just took a nice walk from which ever apartment he came from, and decided to follow some cute girls home.

Figured. Natural male behavior. 😉

Anyway. He shall now be known to me as “Nimbus”, the furry rain cloud with lightning fast tail wags. I have never seen a cat wags its tail almost like a dog before.

Ahhh…yes. Some simple joy in life made last night a very good night. There is nothing like sharing good news with your best friend, “chatting” with the girls, hanging out with a friendly cat, topping off grilled cheddar brats with mustard and relish, wincing at the tingly sensation in your sinus cavity as Afrin nose spray works its magic, getting in a newly made bed with fresh bed sheets, and cuddling up with Brandon sans gas. Ahhhhhh….

*UPDATE* Apparently the girls next door are the temporary guardian of Nimbus the Stray Gray Kitty. They put a note up in the bulletin today asking if anyone is missing a gray cat.

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