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Here goes nothing.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Time in School Are:

  1. I hid in the bathroom and cried the whole lunch break on my first day of American high school. I came here as a junior, knew virtually no one in school other than staff in the Counseling office (my host mom was the counselor there). I felt so self conscious sitting in the lunch area alone I went to hide, and I didn’t want to go to the office and worry my host mom.
  2. I only partied once in high school. One night at Melissa’s house. My first taste of margarita…daiquiry…and my first shot of Tequila. (“Salt! I need more salt!!!”)
  3. Freshman college year: Katie and I skipped class one day to go try out for the Gong Show. We introduced ourselves as a pair of students/cheerleaders from UPS – University of Perky Students. I sang a song about going to college (Frenchy knows this song by heart by now! Hahaha!), and Katie pretended to suck at baton twirling, but eventually finishes off beautifully. It was hilarious!
  4. I volunteered to sell t-shirts for Trojan Pride Monday-Thursday during the football season of my freshman year. Never missed a day.
  5. I cheated…as was the rest of my classmates back in Bangkok. We shared our homework daily, and we cheat en masse. We all grew up together at the private school. Helping each other cheat was sacrificing act and a test of our friendship.

Five Things You May Not Know About the Job (Jobs) I Have (or Had) are:

  1. I made out with a coworker one night. We’re still friends.
  2. A boss could out eat all the starving children of Africa.
  3. My freelance contract was cut short when I was fired on a Sunday night after the Academy Awards over the phone. As I found out later, I was a casualty of office politics I wasn’t aware of at the time.
  4. I loved selling things to dad’s employees. Stickers. Pencils. Cookies. You name it.
  5. While I was working for Annenberg Center, I was in some of the pictures they took for the Annenberg Center/Trojan TV brochure and websites.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Online Life are:

  1. I used to have about 15 email addresses for work and home at one time.
  2. I google myself, my friends, and my families when I’m bored.
  3. I am now the email list admin for Mater Dei Bangkok class of 1995 with over 100 people on board. It all started with me feeding names into ICQ search engine and contacting them. The next thing you know, we have this list.
  4. I had a naughty online chat a couple of times back in my freshman year on IRC.
  5. I’m on a crusade to find some long lost friends online. Google et. al. I’m trying really hard!

Five Things You May Not Know About Where I Live are:

  1. We’re behind a Krispy Kreme which is across the street from the police station.
  2. You can park on our parking lot during the day. But you’ll get booted after 5 p.m.
  3. Steven Spielberg graduated from Cal State Long Beach, a mile or so from here.
  4. Long Beach is the only beach in LA county to have a dog beach.
  5. Brandon is the only man in our 4-unit building. Well, not counting the 2 boys living directly below us.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Core Personality are:

  1. My inner bitch is alive and well.
  2. I’m quite insecure and self conscious.
  3. I’m a home body.
  4. I shop almost like a guy. I have a mission at the mall to accomplish. While getting there, if something strikes my fancy, I’ll take a look. I just can’t spend hours and hours wondering the mall aimlessly.
  5. And this one I think it’s contagious from Brandon, many days I do want to stay home and not socialize with anyone.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Home Life are:

  1. I love having the fresh-out-of-the-dryer laundry piled on me. Ahh…warm clothes!!
  2. If the TV gets good, I veg. I turn into a TV hermit.
  3. I don’t like vacuuming. Don’t like the noise. Don’t like the dust. Thank god Brandon doesn’t mind so much.
  4. I don’t clean as much as I should. Growing up with a live-in maid sort of makes me lazy that way. Hehe.
  5. I sleep in on weekends…10-12 hours sometimes.

Five Things You May Not Know that I Desperately Want are:

  1. USC Trojans season football ticket.
  2. Membership to Bacon of the Month Club.
  3. A house.
  4. Having Brandon’s niece Lauren live with us so she could go to good school, and have a good environment to live in.
  5. A couple of kittens.

Five Things You May Not Know About What I Do in a Typical Day are:

  1. In addition to Brandon, I sleep with a Snoopy and a blanky.
  2. I wear contact lenses.
  3. I drink out of the carton sometimes. Just milk though.
  4. I curse like a sailor at work. We all do.
  5. I can’t survive without breakfast.

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