Only if I could tell Pud at F’edCompany…

I have been at my current work for 2 full years and a week now. One more person takes a stroll out of the office on Thursday evening. I believe it’s time I update the Revolving Door Report.

The latest departure marks the 16th person to have left my company since late October 2002. Presenting to you here in reverse chronological order.

  • October: Boss’ executive assistant/office manager/billing clerk/editor. Lasted about 6 months. Quit.
  • September: The new office manager lasted 8 days.
  • August: My Manager/Project Manager. Quit.
  • Late July: Boss’ Executive Assistant/Billing Clerk, a week before the Manager. Quit.
  • Mid July: Receptionist. Quit.
  • June: Boss’ other Executive Assistant. She was to take over the assisting part so the other lady can concentrate on billing, but she wasn’t give anything to do all of the few months she was hired. Let go.
  • Early April: Account Executive. Let go while on vacation.
  • February: Account Executive. Let go.
  • February: Writer. Quit.
  • November 2003: Writer. Let go as she was due to return from sick leave.
  • Early 2003: Part-time Receptionist. Let go.
  • Early 2003: Billing Clerk. Let go/Quit. She went home to lunch and never came back.
  • Early 2003: Web designer who worked from home. Quit.
  • Early 2003: Boss’ Executive Assistant. Let go.
  • November 2002: Writer. Let go.
  • October: Graphics Designer. Quit soon after I started.

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