T minus less than 10 hours

Yes I’m counting down by the hours now.

Everything’s packed. Going to take a nice long bath after In-N-Out for dinner with Dr. Pepper to drink. Ahhh. A few choice American luxury items you take for granted.

You see, typical Thai households have shower stalls, not bath tubs. Only in nice hotels where there will be bathtubs, and fortunately for us we’d get to stay at one in Chiang Mai. Although there are McDonald’s and Burger King, there won’t be any “animal style” goodness; and there are rootbeer and Mountain Dew–even in Lychee flavor–but no Dr. Pepper.

And the internet will be few and far between. Well, we do have my dad’s office computer where I haunted every evening last year. But since we will be staying at the condo, I don’t know how much time I’d get to have with it. So, if the blogging goes quiet, you know why.

No worry. I’ll keep a nice, analog journal, and will post it when I have a chance.

Oh, and of course, after talking to my mom last night. Thank GOD for moms! After ribbing me briefly for not having a place for dinner with 35 of my friends yet and it was already Thursday, she made a call to a restaurant for us. I LOVE YOU, MOMMY! Oh and yes, the humble gathering suddenly picks up steam and go from 5 people to 35 in 2 days. Aiiyaah!

Watch out, Bangkok. Here comes the Borens!

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