Sawaddee ka!

Hello from the great city of Bangkok!

We’re having a great time so far. The weather has been just PERFECT! The cold front is moving in from China and the city just got its first taste of its “winter” with the perfect California summer temperature. It’ll be like CA spring up in Chiangmai this weekend.

A lot of turns in events since we got here. Plans are changing constantly. I won’t get to spend as much time with my dad as he would be off to Dubai on business from 11/26 through 12/1. But we are planning on going to a Thanksgiving dinner at the sports club before dad’s off and running.

I don’t have a lot of time today so I’ll give you an overview. Will write a full travelogue when I get back.

Nov. 20 – Day 1

Had lunch at home. Unpacked and went up to the condo. A walk to Central Department store for some shopping for Brandon. As it turns out mom got us some seats at a fancy restaurant at the Oriental Hotel for Loy Kratong on Friday. Brandon didn’t pack any fancy clothes, so we had to get him some. After we were done shopping, we ate at the Food Loft, the mall’s international food court. And when I say “international” here, it’s not like in the US with Panda Express and a teriyaki bowl place and they call in International. The Loft has Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, rotisserie chicken and German sausages, Vietnamese, desserts of all kind, beer and wine and local refreshments. Deee-lish!

Nov. 21 – Day 2

Hang out around the house. Lunch at local Thai-style Italian restaurant. Brandon’s first dental appointment – in went the first temporary crown, then my dad’s appointment, and then, because our dentist had time, mine. We were at the dentist’s office for 3 hours! Dad’s well-intended drive to Old Town turned out to be a cultural lesson on bad traffic as we weren’t aware of street closure for a fair around that area.

I had a few minutes to rest as my buddies Joy and Tong was a;ready at my house to take me to dinner with my classmates. Brandon went to Royal Bangkok Sports Club – Polo Club for a tour and dinner with my folks, then they came to pick me up. The dinner was AWESOME. We saw an elephant on the streets on the way home. Kind of sad.

Nov. 22 – Day 3

Early call to get on the SkyTrain to Aunty Aor’s house. Breakfast, and off we went to Ayuttaya. A lot of driving around and getting lost, but also a lot of fun too. We walked around and took tons of pictures. We also visited a temple of the tourist path and discovered ancient Buddha images the temple dug up. At the end of the day, we took the SkyTrain back to the house. Super exhausted. Brandon is still asleep at the condo right now. I came over to have dinner and get on the web. HAHAH!

Future Plans

Nov. 23 – Massage at home. Going to an ultra hip “BED” club tomorrow night for dinner and hip hop night.

Nov. 24 – Dentist for Brandon. Not much of anything else the rest of the day.

Nov. 25 – Lunch with the aunties. Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

Nov. 26 – Dad’s off to Dubai. Mom takes us to Chiangmai’s Chaingdao village.

Nov. 27 – Chiangmai still.

Nov. 28 – Return from Chiangmai.

Nov. 29 – Plan on going to Karnchanaburi (Bridge of the River Kwai.)

Nov. 30 through Dec. 3 – No plans. That means a trip to Emerald Buddha, and some tour packages.

Dec. 4 – Return to reality.

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