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Almost a week after possibly the catastrophic tragedy the country, and while relief workers are doing their best on other beaches, one Thai lady and a few tourists show us that life goes on.

They’re back on the beach to resume their daily lives.

In a true Buddhist way, Mrs. Yupin, the lone masseuse on Phuket’s recovered Kata Beach, said:

”We are born once and die once. We are not worthy of living if we are lazy and do not pay our own way,” she said. ”Even if another huge wave comes while I am massaging, I won’t be scared because I’m already old now.”

Bangkok Post Thursday 30 December 2004 – Tourists, masseuse return to beach


Prisoners on good behavior stormed the beach on clean up efforts. Others put their hands to the plywood to make coffins. The lady inmates in Bangkok even sent monetary donations out of their own pockets.

Students at trade schools joined forces to raise funds, and make coffins when they were not in class.

The country truly unites under such atrocity. In a way I have never seen before in my life.

Bangkok Post Thursday 30 December 2004 – Prisoners join in relief work, help build coffins

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