Yeah so I’m sitting here reading the thing I posted yesterday. I hear this little voice in my head says, “SNAP OUT OF IT, you pessimistic, low self esteem, borderlining suicidal bitch.”

That’s probably Jenny. No voices in my head is that demanding. Or bitchy.

So yeah. I think I’ll snap out of it eventually. Not very promising at this time though.

But how does one become a writer?

Do I start by taking creative writing classes? Does it begin from reading so many books you start to write out things you would want to read? Where do I buy a writer’s hat or a thinking cap?

And will I ever get over the itsy bitsy nagging tiny details of occasional grammatical blunders and atrocious sentence forming sprouting from having English as a second language?

Guide me, oh great ones out there?

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  1. 'Mazing Amy   •  

    Oh God, I hate to sound like a cliche, but its true.
    Writers write.

    Sure, you can take a creative writing class, and you may find it helpful, especially if you’ve never taken one before. But mostly, you just sit down and do it. And that is so not as easy as it sounds. Sigh. OK. back to the book for me, internet break is over.

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