And to add…

I can’t believe I forgot to mention one more passion of mine that I’d like to attempt: musical theater.

That’s right. I want to get on stage and break into songs.

Blame it on my mother who introduced me to The Sound of Music, South Pacific, West Side Story and even an illegal copy of The King and I (it’s banned in Thailand for obvious reason) at a very early age.

I remembered telling my mom that if those girls in The Sound of Music can be in a musical, so could I. I am pretty, and I can even play the piano! Hah!

Yes, I am trying REALLY hard not to break into I feel pretty right now.

Whoop. Too late.

./~ I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and briiiiight! And I pity Any girl who isn’t me toniiiight. ./~

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