Trojan network

Ah. The world’s famous USC Trojan network. I’m so proud to be a part of that.

I have this discussion with Amy a long time ago on our collective Trojan pride. When we meet another Trojan, we just light up. It can’t be helped.

We share the pride of being college football national champ 2 years in a row alright, but there are more to the Trojan family than that. In some deeper level, all of us have something in common. Whatever it is, it always brings up good memories, sense of belonging, and an unexplainable bond. We Trojans look out for each other, no matter what.

Like my Trojan eye doctor. We talked football while waiting for my eye to dilate. I was told I could come to him for glasses prescription instead of paying more at Lenscrafter.

There is a gentleman waiting in a lawnchair for his wife outside the door of the room where I take jazz dance lessons. His wife is in the tap class right after my class. He is always there in his USC sweatshirt, so I started to say hello to him on my way out.

Actually, Brandon thinks I’m weird for occasionally going up to random people wearing USC regalia and say “Fight on!”. I just feel that I should acknowledge a family member when I see them.

And of course, Amy. When I first interviewed with her for a receptionist job years ago, we talked football for 15 minutes before we even got anywhere else. She did go with another choice, but I was the fallback girl who got the job eventually.

It’s a family thing. Another reason why I hang around USC Thai Students Association to see if any of “the kids” need anything. It’s not just national comraderie but a Trojan one as well.

You just don’t see that kind of connection and helpfulness with other schools around here. Especially that one school across town.

Somehow, in my observation, other people who didn’t go to USC, hate USC. And most of the time, they can’t even tell you why.

And that is probably another reason Trojans stick together. It’s us against them.

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