A brief chat log with minor editing from my chat with Lauren about the possibility of her moving to New Mexico to live with Brandon’s parents and finish high school there.

Oakley: So yeah. Tell me more about going to NM for school thing.

Lauren: I guess I’m gonna stay out there and finish high school, or at least try it out because it’ll be good for me. And I’ll be in a small school so more help. They’ve [Brandon’s parents] got it planned out.


Lauren: LMAO. I’m like scared that I’ll be even more outcasted than I already am. But then again, the majority of me doesn’t care. >:)

Oakley: Bah! You’ll be a star.

Lauren: A death star. Dun dun dun, dun dundun, dun dundun. -Star wars music plays-

Oakley: LMAO. Oh look, a genuine Californian!

Lauren: LMAO.

Oakley: “Is it true your cows are happier?”

Lauren: “Why yes, yes it is. You can hear it in their tone when they Moo.”


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