I left work at 6:00 p.m. today. Actually, I did the same thing yesterday, but I was in such a rush to get home so I could get to my jazz dance class, I didn’t take time to notice.

Downtown Los Angeles at night looks amazing.

On the corner of Figueroa and 5th street, I looked up at the buildings, and I was in awe. The lights. The towering structures. People walking everywhere. Cars zooming underneath the overpass. Silouettes of palm trees against the buildings.

Perhaps it’s just because it’s a new sight to me. Like people in suits and ties swarming the streets a lunch time. Like the expression on people’s faces when I randomly smile at them, started a conversation in the elevator, or look at them to say thank you when they hold the door open.

I feel like I’m a hillbilly seeing the big city for the first time! I hope I can feel this kind of “magic” years down the road. This is only my 2nd day in town.

I had lunch alone sitting in the back corner of Carl’s Junior in my building, and then I ventured off across the street to the Main Library. I visited there many years ago when my ex-boyfriend used to work in the building next to where I am now. It was a whole new experience for me today.

I got a library card and borrowed Mandarin language tapes to listen to on my drive home. I have made up my mind that I would come spend 30 minutes of my lunch at the library.

It’s like being back at Mater Dei again. I spent numerous hours in the library during lunch and after school. Once I got to the “grown up library” for 5th grader and older, I managed to become a volunteer to help the librarian put away books and close up in the evening and occasionally at lunch time.

I am a slow reader in English. I guess in my brain somewhere I still have to translate it. Haha. And yeah I do get lazy. But if I have the chance and given the right environment, I do love to read. The Main library has a garden, and many cozy corners for me to bring my book in and get lost in time for a while.

This is going to be an interesting period of my life.

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