Status of my glass

Glass half full:

  1. Traffic has been kind to me. This 9-6 hour is working out really well.
  2. I’m getting paid to do what I love. And there’s more opportunity to grow!
  3. I’m really enjoying my classes, feeling like I’m alive again. Like I’m actually taking care of me, doing what I enjoy.
  4. I love the Main Library and thoroughly enjoy going over there to hide and read.

Glass half empty:

  1. I’m spending less time with Brandon. Not that I have seen him much lately. His being on muscle relaxer, and now the new no-soda diet (doctor’s orde), and that has put him in bed a lot sooner. We get about a 30 minute face time before he turns back to World of Warcraft or head off to bed, or before/after I go to class, or before I wind down.
  2. I’m spending less time with music. That irks me.
  3. I have no clothes left. Everything is in the wash. I have been gone every night this week we haven’t a chance to do laundry.
  4. I’m pumped full of all different kinds of antihistamine everyday and/or night for 2 weeks now. A clogged up nostril due to no sinus drainage wakes me up around 3 a.m. every night unless I drug up. Stuffy nose and sneezy through the day unless I take Alevert during my drive to work. It’s so insane. I haven’t had a lingering allergies this bad. Ever.

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