Februarium – Day 4

Day Four, February 13: Where you’ve loved.
It’s the sex entry. Bonus points if you make it funny for the rest of us.

It was one fateful night at Brandon’s apartment, our first few nights together at his pad. Off went the light, and on went the candles. Things were getting hot and heavy.

Brandon reached for a condom from the nightstand. It was the last one. As I said, things were hot and heavy which made us extra clumsy. The next thing we knew, the condom packet went flying across the room, and landed somewhere behind the computer desk.

We did find the condom after all, but boy that would be the first time where we laughed through lovemaking.

So a few days later, I bought a box of condom, applied the wings of butterfly stickers to each individual package, put them back in the box, and gave it to Brandon.

This moment remains one of our favorite memories.

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  1. 'Mazing Amy   •  

    ha hah the first time Chris and I had sex–the condom broke–we alternated between horror and laughing… after a few minutes, I told, him, look, I’m clean and I’m on the pill…so nothing to worry about here… lol

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