Aw. My Nose.

This week long stuffy nose/plugged up sinus is getting very VERY old.

First it was the cold I fought off last weekend. 7-days to be exact. And then the rain came, so the allergies also contributed to further stuffing up my nose. It was cold-related stuffy, and now it’s itchy, sneeze-fest runny nose.

You know it’s bad when you are using Kleenex with lotion–a glorious gift from heaven’s above–and your nose still gets so raw it cracks and bleeds.

I have a patch in my right nostril, at the tip of my nose where one might have a nose ring, that if I don’t apply lotion to it every 4-6 hours would crack and bleed. And after this weekend, I have yet another raw spot on the floor of my left nostril. It hurts when I touch either spot, but I cannot not touch my nose because I constantly have to blow my nose because a) I sneeze, b) my nose is suddenly runny after such sneeze, and c) at some point I’m so stuffed up I don’t know what else to do.

At least it’s not Rudolph-red all the time. I’m already embarrassed enough walking around sniffling. Sometimes my nose would make a sound like a snort because the stuffiness suddenly freed up. It’s so embarassing!

This is when I wish I have Michael Jackson’s nose. I would LOVE to be able to just pull my nose out so I can breathe freely while at home, and then put it back on when I get out of the house.

Today has been the first day I haven’t taken anything for my stuffy nose. Well, I did take Alevert but that’s for the itchy eyes and nose; it does NOTHING for stuffy nose anyway. I guess I’ll mix me some Sudafed night time sinus or something and go to sleep.

I pray it gets better tomorrow.

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