I am attending a workshop to help me write MY story, my experience as an immigrant, in order to express myself better and to let my voice be heard by Americans.

Instead, a few nights ago I posted my opinion and sarcasm on a Thai Students Association message board, I got shot down, pretty much booed off stage for having an opinion and poking fun at the male population in a satiric sort of way. And soon after, the post has been deleted. (But not gone, y’all. By the way, original topic was a job posting indicating “Male only” for a cell phone sales person.)

It’s ironic that I don’t think Americans would have a problem with what I have to say. It’s my own people who are not listening to me because I’m a Thai FEMALE.

As much as I love my motherland, and would like to return there someday, THIS is one of the reasons I am here in the “land of the free”. To be able to express myself. To let my voice be heard and not stifled by chauvinistic culture.

Amazing how the close-mindedness follows you even when you are in a free country. These people are here to learn new things and open their minds, and yet with all the opportunities offered to them, they can’t even find their way out of the cultural paperbag, and beating up other people for it.


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