Still here

Not much to say lately. I’m trying to focus my energy on writing for the workshop. 🙂

The workshop is going really well. At least I think so. It’s a bit odd being back on campus, hanging out with the kids.

Other things to report:

1. We bought the Santa Fe. Money will be super tight around here for a while, but at least we don’t have to worry about the Exploder now. Haha.

2. My nose finally stops going crazy. Just the usual. Even the usual is a little less while I’m in the house. LivingAir purifier is working like a charm for me. The downside is that I have no idea what it’s like outside. So I’d step out and start having the sneezes instead of knowing it ahead of time while in the house. *shrug*

3. And once again, I’m going on an eatin rampage. Now that the nose clears, I can smell the food and therefore enjoying it all over again! Yey!

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