Family Values

Just got back from Easter lunch at my friend Nora’s house. Her entire family plus the relatives were there. A house full of folks! I used to go down to the Jans’ functions a lot when I was single, and a few occasions with my ex-boyfriend. They’re like my surrogate family. Well, they’d let me attached myself to them that is. 🙂

Once in while, I crave being with a family. Obviously, mine is not conveniently close enough, so I have to bum the family off of other people. The Jans are the only one intact family I have to crash.

Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Jans, Sarah, Ellen (and Joe), Colin, and of course, my precious princess Little Foot, Nora!

On that note, I just added a link to Colin Jans’ band, Sic Waiting.

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