Happy New Year!

Happy Thai New Year, one and all.

It’s the 13th of April, Songkran day. Folks back home pretty much have celebrated Songkran festival since Monday.

Pretty much what we do getting blessed by our elders, bathing the buddha images at home, and for some people, going to the temple, we have a water fight. A country wide, one week long water fight.

In Bangkok, there isn’t such soaking though. Obviously it’ll interfere with daily businesses. But on Kao San Road is shut down for the day and the tourists are getting a hefty amount of soaking! I can’t describe the festival better than Richard over at Thai-Blogs. You have to see the pictures to believe.

Brandon and I threw a few handful of water at each other before we left for work this morning. More water splashing to continue–well, hell, I’ll start one!–once my friend LILY gets in from NYC later today!

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