Cook attack

I came running home, busting in the door at 7:35 p.m., armed with grocery.

Goddamn it. I NEEDED to cook. I didn’t care what Brandon wanted for dinner. I had a recipe in mind, and with God as my witness, I was going to make it tonight.

And so I did.

Another Rachael Ray’s miracle. Stuffed Italian Meatloaf and lemony creamy pasta. Go over to Hmm…Food…Good to read about it. Belly full…must go sleepy…

If you like to cook, you should definitely stop by Hmm..Food…Good sometimes. It’s a blog of tried and true recipes. So far Amy’s been so busy she hasn’t posted much. But I’m trying to try a recipe at least once a month. If you want to join us there, let me know. I’ll send you an invite.

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