“Fighting Jack”

So Jack Osbourne was in Thailand, getting high colonics and training in Muay Thai. He ended up KO’ed his Muay Thai opponent.

The AP story makes it sound like Jack kicked some real ass, “facing off against an experienced Thai boxer known only as ‘The Man.’ ” You know, like Jack fought an uber Muay Thai fighter.

AP completely fails to mention the following pieces of information as reported in Thailand’s The Nation:

  1. “The Man” is a veteran muaythai professional on his comeback fight. Translation: the dude hung up his gloves and came back.
  2. “The Man” said that he would continue to fight despite being “around 40 [years old]”.

Jack the strapping 21-year-old celebrity KO’ed a veteran 40-year-old Muay Thai fighter. There are probably a few reasons why “the Man” doesn’t want to be identified. Afterall, Jack is a celebrity kid who is overcoming his addition and gaining control of his life. It would crush him if a Muay Thai fighter of the same age destroyed him, you know?

One thing I love about being Thai is how considerate and empathizing Thai people are. We are all about saving faces…especially of special foreign friends and guests.

I smell gratuitous victory here. My Thai pride is a little hurt, but you know what I’ll get over it. Good publicity for the country is better than nothing.


  1. Anonymous   •  

    So Muay Thai is a phony entertainment sport in Thailand like professional wrestling is in the U.S.? That’s the “good publicity” impression I get.

  2. OakMonster   •  

    Nope. Not at all. Muay Thai is actually our national sport. Not WWE.

    What I’m saying with Jacky Boy here is that it sounded like a set up for Jack to win for publicity. So, yeah, I guess for international celebrity, someone would take a dive for a chunk of change.

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